Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Studio

Here are some photos of my art studio that my wonderful husband built for me.
I feel very privileged to have such a nice space.
I have always had to carve out a spot to paint wherever I happen to live. There were a couple of times when the bedroom of the apartment was turned into the studio and we slept in the living room.
I especially love my slop sink. No more moving (or cleaning) dirty dishes to wash my brushes.

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SEB said...

Oh man, a workspace at home! I dream of such a thing someday. Right now it's the kitchen table for everything (it's only a two room apartment anyway).

Anonymous said...

Ah to be able to step into another arena of one's life without going far far away. Now if only the hours in the day would be extended.... wonderful... enjoy yourself... enjoy your motivation... Q

kath said...

Yay! Keep painting. Can't wait to see what comes next - xo Kath