Friday, November 14, 2008

October Ambition

I gave myself a goal of completing five paintings by the month of October. At the time I wasn't sure if the bar I set was two high or not high enough. I managed to get 4.5 done, which isn't too bad considering one of them is 24 x 36. That is a lame excuse though, since the little ones sometimes create the biggest challenge.

I now have a new goal of twenty total including the ones from October and any I complete by January 1st.

We'll see how I do. The kids are going to be out of school for approximately three weeks during that time and there are a few parties and holidays to prepare for in between. But, I'm sticking with my goal. When you work alone without real deadlines, it's easy to get off track. I am going to be a tough boss to myself and discourage lengthy coffee breaks.

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