Saturday, January 17, 2009

Artist Statement

Moira Birch Swiatkowski,
a Massachusetts native received her BFA from University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth.
She has lived and worked on
Cape Cod since 1994.
Her work has appeared in several group shows and can currently be seen at the W. H. Lutz Gallery in Harwichport, Massachusetts.

Moira Birch Swiatkowski
Artist Statement

Lucky enough to live and paint on Cape Cod, I am constantly amazed by our natural world and the mighty Atlantic Ocean that surrounds us. I am also amazed by how many people feel such a strong emotional connection to the Cape. Through the years I have been observing family, friends, strangers and even myself as we interact with the beautiful landscapes and seascapes.

My bright and colorful paintings capture the human response to nature at a specific time and place. Each image has a different color palette and mood depending on the seemingly endless variations in the landscape of this place I call home. The time of day, the weather, the time of year or even which beach I am at affects the color of the sky and water.

The human response has as many variables as nature, such as the person’s age, life experience and mood. I take all of these things into account as I create a new piece.

The beach is a constant source of inspiration for me that never disappoints. I could go to the same beach everyday and see something new in the sky or the water or myself.

I love living by the sea. I love having the opportunity to express all the ranges of beauty and emotion to be found here through my paintings.

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