Monday, February 6, 2012


This poor girl has been balancing like this for over a year. 

I put the canvas painting on hold to use my precious studio time for work on my illustration portfolio.

So there she stood, waiting to be finished.

I would move her around. 

On the easel.

Off the easel.

On the floor.

Out of sight.

In my face, begging to be completed.

I was cleaning my studio yesterday, clearing the clutter in an effort to clear my mind.
I need to focus on specific goals and complete about six book ideas that are also, sadly waiting for Moira to give them the attention they deserve or at the very least the mercy of the recycle bin.

I decided a good start would be to complete this painting.

It was fun to use actual brushes and paint. I also remembered how much harder it is to fix any mistakes. There is no "undo" that I can click to go back in time. 

So here she is.

Suspended in time and space but complete.

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Thank you.

jamie peeps said...

Good for you! Getting an angel painted, no small task.