Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Living in the Future

Black Ink & Colored Pencil 8.5" x 11"

A friend of mine in New York asked me to do some back-drops for a play she had written, called "Are We Freaks". It was going to be part of the "Frigid Festival" in New York City.

My first thoughts were that this was going to be a big, expensive, time-consuming project. Just thinking about shipping the rolls of canvas gave me a headache. But as we discussed it further the idea for small images that I could scan and email to her came about.

She could use the jpegs to make a "slide" presentation on a white screen on stage. I was very excited about this idea and worked up some 8.5" x 11" images based on her requests.

When my seven year old saw them she said "These are too small. The people on stage are much bigger than this."

I emailed the images to my NY writer friend and a couple weeks later; there I was in a theater in New York looking at my images on stage.

It's fun living in the future.

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